Hidden treasures in Pakistan

 Paulina Gallardo, one of our Project Directors, recently came back from a long stay in Pakistan, and she wanted to share some of the beautiful not-so-well-known special places that she discovered during her experience in Pakistan. Despite the complicated political situation, the country has big potential for tourism and investment and it is one of the hidden jewels of Asia.


The Badshahi Mosque, Inside the Lahore Fort (A UNESCO World Heritage Site)

The City of Lahore, the cultural hub of Pakistan, is also the second largest city in the most self-sufficient province of Punjab. Pakistanis are known for their hospitality but Lahoris are famous for their food and for their sharing of it! A must-try is ‘Food Street’ which is parallel to the Lahore Fort; here you will find everything from amazing bbq places to a restaurant that is on a league of its own – Cuckoo’s Den. The restaurant overlooks the sights and scenes of the once Lahore Fort. Go there at night for to experience its magical ambiance.

Taxila Ancient City, in Sirkap, 30 km north of Islamabad

Taxila Ancient City, in Sirkap, 30 km north of Islamabad

This is a region from which Buddhism travelled to the Far East.  The Greeks, the Hindus have all left their mark here. You can enjoy the beautiful sunset as you wander around the ancient ruins. For all of you yogis out there, there is also a small museum that houses some amazing Buddha sculptures, silver and bronze artifacts and some other interesting finds from the excavation.


The only brewery in Pakistan

Also known as the Honeymoon Town, because of its quaint resorts that are very popular with fresh-faced newlyweds, it is home to the only brewery of Pakistan, Murree Brewery (no, unfortunately you cannot go beer tasting). This brewery has an interesting history; first established in 1860 because of the growing demand for beer by the personnel of the British Raj (whose favorite vacation spot was in Murree), it’s one of the oldest enterprises in the country.

Old Hindu Temple, Saidpur Village, Islamabad

Old Hindu Temple, Saidpur Village, Islamabad

Saidpur Village is ideal for a fun weekend afternoon in Islamabad. Stroll around the renovated village and take your pick from the amazing selection of restaurants; buy some local handcrafts and get a feel for the Pakistani idea of fun.

Paulina Gallardo
Project Manager

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