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Guayaquil hosts 39% of the 1000 largest companies in Ecuador. That makes this region one of the main players in the area, being manufacturing its strongest sector, giving more than 1,2 billion dollars of added value.

This was one of the conclusions of AFA Press partner agency Business and Investment, which sent a team to live in the region during several months in order to elaborate a sophisticated in-depth profile on Guayaquil’s economy and business, through data gathering and personal interviews with the most relevant and influential individuals in the area. This report was published within El País, the leading Spanish newspaper, on Wednesday, January 30, 2013, and can also be read along with some extra complete interviews at Worldfolio, AFA press on-line channel.

But as reflected through this report, Guayaquil is definitely not only manufacturing. As an example, we can take the words of Joseph Garzozi, Director of Tourism of the Municipality of Guayaquil.

AFA Press - Business and investment interviewee

Joseph Garzozi, Director of Tourism of the Municipality of Guayaquil

It is not only the biggest city in the country, but also an important international tourism destination. Several features make this city and area perfect for this purpose. For example, the tropical climate: not big explanations needed. In the same line, its nearby rain forests (half an hour away from the Amazon basin, the same distance to Los Andes Mountains) and the proximity to Galapagos Islands, makes it perfect as headquarter for a diversified and complete travel through Ecuador. In this point, as a last example, the coast is only 100 km away, where beach and sailing plans along the country’s coast.

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