Discovering Malabo

It must be said that a day in EG (Ecuatorial Guinea) is – to use the words of Forrest Gump – like opening a box of chocolates; you never know what you’re going to get. I am sure that Malabo, the capital, cannot be compared with the big cities in Africa like Luanda, but this wonderful island can surprise you at every turn.

A view of Malabo

For breakfast I would recommend any of the hotels. Downtown, Delice de France is always a good place to find some nice croissants and others sweets things.

Hilton Malabo Pool, one of the many wonderful hotels in Malabo

Hilton Malabo Pool, one of the many wonderful hotels in Malabo

For lunch one of our favorite places is La Luna, right downtown. Apart from enjoying the view, they always have a nice three-course menu for a very fine price. On Sundays you can take the car and drive trough the fantastic highway that will lead you to Sipopo and go for and enjoy the buffett at the Sofitel.

Sofitel in Sipopo

Sofitel in Sipopo

For dinner one of the trendiest places is the ICEF, a restaurant in the French cultural center. They have great meat, great fish and the scene is very relaxed so it is mostly the first choice for us.

When it comes to the nightlife in Malabo, you will have to take it slow, by this I mean that Malabo`s nightlife does not enjoy the reputation of being diverse, so you don’t want to see it all in the first night.


Malabo night is more about quality than quantity

If you are an early starter, and I am not talking about waking up in the morning, you should make a trip to the casino, they have very good food and you can play some poker. After that, take a ride to downtown and make a stop for a beer at the Candy Irish Pub, you will find very good live music and if you’re still hungry don’t hesitate and go for the burger with everything on it.

expat band

An “expat band” `playing at the Candy Irish Pub

You got your beers now, so you can take a walk to the Bahia (pretty much the only place to go dancing for the expats). The best thing about the place is the view from the terrace, looking directly to the harbor.


View from an old spanish settlement in Bococo

After a few drinks and some good dance songs, you should call it a night but if you are still up for dancing there are some local places you can visit, but I must say you will have to be prepared to dance in front of a mirror no matter if you are a girl or a boy. The most popular ones are The Black Note, The Alisse and  that is close to Bahia.

Fishing in Corisco

Fishing in Corisco

What I would really recommend to you if you were in Malabo is to ride a 4×4 up to Eureka, a small village south, where you can enjoy camping and high intensity hike. May sound like too much trouble but it is really worth the set up, if you are lucky you may witness a unique event when the turtles go to this precise point to bury their eggs (between December and March).


Surroundings of Eureka

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