A weekend owning paradise

You can own a bit of paradise, or, like in Coron you can have a bit of Paradise for your own; there is nothing like this place.  It´s the combination of extraordinary beauty and peace what make this place unique. It is one of those corners in the world that are so perfect that on one side you do not want to reveal, but on the other you can`t help but share…


Sangat Island

I spent a weekend in the exclusive Sangat Island Dive Resort  in the Sangat Island with six friends and enjoyed some of the best days of my life. We stayed at cabins over a beach only accessible to the people staying at this group of only 12 cabins, having the white sand and turquoise water (yes, as cliché as it sounds, but as real as it was) just for us was only a detail.


One of the best beaches in the world


We were out all day in one of the typical Philippines’ boats, stopping at amazing islands, beaches, lakes. To navigate these colorful waters was already captivating but what stood out was Kayangan Lake, a lake surrounded by limestone and natural greenery, with crystalline water that allows you seeing the limestone formation under it. This was the only spot where we met other people and it wasn´t that bad, the rest of the day we had paradise just for ourselves, something priceless in an overpopulated world. In the boat we had for us 6, we had 2 lovely Filipino crew members, who would fish there and then and prepare the most amazing fresh dish which we had with freezing beers. PURE JOY


One day got really windy which became the perfect excuse for renting the Hobie Cat at the hotel and spend the afternoon at high speed in the blue ocean, it was a new experience for me an one highlight moment for sure: group of friends, blue sea, wind in my face.


Windy days are perfect for sailing


We went on amateur rock-climbing around the island and even if knees ached I don’t regret because it was a good adventure and once we got to the top we watched the sunset from a terrace the hotel has up there. The moment couldn’t have been better, having some cocktails at the upper part of a lime wall, surrounded by monkeys and friends.


Amazing diving views


Even if I did not do it I can’t skip it, it is one of the main attractions of the area and the Hotel has all the equipment and offers great dives. The ones who did do it, told us they went wreck diving. All around the area there are over 45 sunken Japanese boats from WWII. They told us they would go into the boats, and it was a magical experience. The one thing I know is I am getting my PADI license to do it next time I’m there!!!

Belen Ruiz Moreno  
Human Capital Coordinator  

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