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Asian stock exchanges

Leading the race among top-performing exchanges

Headquarters of the Philippine Stock Exchange in Manila

In 2015, small, open economies such as the Philippines and Thailand will need to spend less on costly imports of oil and gas. At these equity markets,... Apr 06, 2015

Finance | Asia-Pacific | Philippines

APEC 2015 host targets expansion across the board

According to the Central Bank FDI inflows in the first half of 2014 reached $3.57 billion, 76.9% higher than the $2.01 billion posted in the same period last year, creating an impressive outlook

The Philippines will host the 2015 APEC Summit and showcase both the public and private sector’s long-term commitment to its theme of inclusive... Nov 12, 2014

Industry & Trade | Asia-Pacific | Philippines

Skills in demand

“we are trying to channel [the diaspora’s] remittances into investment and business“ Imelda M. Nicolas, Chairperson of the Commission on Filipinos Overseas (CFO)

Prominent Filipinas and business leaders are helping to promote the role of women, and in particular those working overseas, in building the economy... Nov 12, 2014

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Infrastructure and real estate in huge demand

Brother Eduardo V. Manalo, Executive Minister of the Iglesia Ni Cristo

The Philippines is seeing a fast rollout of major infrastructure projects as the sector seeks at least $20bn annually to grow

Nov 11, 2014

Infrastructure | Asia-Pacific | Philippines

A whirlwind recovery

The immense destruction caused by one of the most powerful tropical storms on record affected some 16 million Filipinos and prompted a massive international aid effort to help the nation recover

The devastation caused by last year’s super typhoon Haiyan was met by an extraordinary public-private response

Nov 11, 2014

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Open for business

The May 2010 presidential election in the Philippines heralded a new government, representing a new direction and a renewed sense of hope for this resilient... Jul 20, 2011

Industry & Trade | Asia-Pacific | Philippines

OFW support

Cynthia Villar
Senator and Co-founder of the Villar Foundation

One of the nation’s most prominent Fililpinas, Senator Cynthia Villar is behind one... Nov 12, 2014


Kuwait Finance House

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Ultimate Developers Limited

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Qatar Petroleum (QP)

Our mission is to ensure the State gets maximum benefit...

Turkish Airlines

History 1933-1945: Establishment 1933: The...



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