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Latin America Economy

Renewed confidence in Latin America’s brightest economy

Photo: Presidencia Perú

The PPK cabinet has been working diligently to modernize the country and restore business confidence, while unlocking investments and infrastructure... Feb 28, 2017

Government | South America | Peru

Tourism in Peru

Peru: Much more than Machu Picchu

A true feast for the senses, Peru hopes to double tourism arrivals to 7 million by 2021

Jan 16, 2017

Tourism & Culture | South America | Peru

Be Spoiled By The Unspoiled

Discover a ‘lost world’ in South America

The magnificent Kaieteur Falls, the world’s longest single drop waterfall

Emerging as a unique eco-tourism destination with exceptional pristine rainforests, undisturbed ecosystems, exotic flora & fauna, and a vibrant... Nov 30, 2016

Tourism & Culture | Government | South America | Guyana

Global Tourism Appeal

Argentina redoubles its tourism efforts

Gustavo Santos, Argentina’s Minister of Tourism

Argentina has an undeniably heady mix of natural and cultural wonders to enrapture and inspire tourists, yet in recent years it has lagged behind other... Nov 29, 2016

Tourism & Culture | Government | South America | Argentina

Political & Economic Change

President Macri to woo investors back to Argentina after years of isolation

Argentina's President Mauricio Macri speaking at the Pacific Alliance's III Business Summit in Chile on June 30, 2016

Following his election in December last year, Mauricio Macri swiftly brought an end to the leftist and populist policies of the former government under... Nov 28, 2016

Government | South America | Argentina

Visit Uruguay

Maldonado, a lot more than sun and beach

Region aims to attract visitors year round with new projects and facilities

Nov 23, 2016

Tourism & Culture | South America | Uruguay

Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation

Lima launches APEC CEO Summit 2016

Peru’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Ricardo Luna, participated in the official photo of Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade as part of the official activities of the APEC 2016 Summit.(Photo: Ministry of Foreign Affairs ©CC BY-SA 2.0)

On November 17-21, Lima is hosting Asia-Pacific’s leading business event, the APEC CEO Summit 2016, which draws the region’s political and... Nov 17, 2016

Industry & Trade | South America | Peru

Guyana’s Agricultural Development

Caricom’s “new horizon for agricultural development”

The Guyanese government is encouraging the development of agriculture further inland. (Photo: Jean-Marc/Jo BeLo/Jhon-John's ©CC BY 2.0)

Measures being drawn up to create a more diversified and climate-resilient agricultural sector in Guyana include shifting its agricultural focus inland,... Oct 26, 2016

Agriculture | Government | South America | Guyana

Uruguayan Pharmaceuticals

Transforming the health sector in Latin America

Gianclaudio Broggi, CEO of Mega Pharma

Mega Pharma inaugurates the biggest pharmaceutical plant in Uruguay with $110 million investment

Oct 21, 2016

Health | South America | Uruguay

Agriculture in Uruguay

Food exports grow as agro-industry continues to drive economy forward

The Minister of Agriculture wants to see the nation of 3 million people produce food for as many as 50 million in the next 15 years. But as Uruguay... Oct 11, 2016

Agriculture | South America | Uruguay

Industry & Logistics

Uruguay looks to build a thriving manufacturing base and regional logistics hub

Plans are in motion to turn the small Latin American nation into a logistic hub for the region. Meanwhile the industrial base continues to strengthen... Oct 04, 2016

Industry & Trade | South America | Uruguay

Education in Guyana

Guyana budgets on better education

Guyana's government has prioritized education as a means to sustainable development. (Photo: JukoFF ©CC BY-SA 3.0)

Guyana ranks among the world’s top proportional spenders on education and is investing in key areas to ensure it spurs long-term benefits for... Sep 30, 2016

Education | Government | South America | Guyana

From start up to Argentinean leader of innovation

Martín Migoya
CEO of Globant

Among Argentina’s four entities known as the unicorn companies – start-ups to... Mar 23, 2017

AGD to lead Argentina’s agricultural drive

Roberto Urquía
Director Aceitera General Deheza (AGD)

As Argentina opens its economy to the world, its key agribusiness sector – long the... Feb 22, 2017

Argentina Aims to Double its Global Market Share in Wine

Alberto Arizu
President of Wines Of Argentina

Alberto Arizu is known for being the director of one of Argentina’s most prominent... Jan 20, 2017

SMEs & FDI line two-way street of potential

Juan Proaccini
Executive President of the Argentina Investment & Trade Promotion Agency

Formed by the Production and Foreign Ministries, the fledgling Argentina Investment &... Jan 16, 2017

New push to ‘make things happen’ in renewables

Doris Capurro
President & CEO of Luft Energía

With all the apertures of the Argentine economy, the sector with the greatest growth potential... Dec 21, 2016

‘We are going from being a red-tape to a red-carpet kind of country’

Manuel Aguirre
President of the AmCham Argentina & Regional MD for CH2M Latin America

With Argentina’s opening up to the global economy, foreign investors are seeking out... Dec 21, 2016

Confidence & collaborations to open up a world of opportunities

Federico Pinedo
Provisional President of the Senate

The incoming Macri administration overtaking Argentina’s executive power has been... Dec 20, 2016

Peru aims to double agriculture exports to $10bn by 2021

José Manuel Hernández
Minister for Agriculture & Irrigation

José Manuel Hernández, Peru’s Minister for Agriculture and Irrigation,... Dec 13, 2016

‘The time has come to resume our way on the path to growth’

Bruno Giuffra
Minister of Production

Bruno Giuffra, Minister of Production, discusses Peru’s economic growth, deregulation... Dec 12, 2016

New initiatives boost agri-aquaculture

Dr Lino Barañao
Minister of Science, Technology & Productive Innovation

Having been at the helm since the ministry’s creation in 2003, Dr Lino Barañao... Dec 08, 2016

‘An innovative political process under way’

Marcos Peña
Chief of the Cabinet of Ministers, Argentina

Argentina’s Chief of the Cabinet of Ministers Marcos Peña discusses the work... Dec 08, 2016

Chaco enables companies to grow & generate jobs

Domingo Peppo
Governor of Chaco Province

With Argentina’s aperture to global capital markets and federal reforms granting greater... Dec 07, 2016

Tech & teamwork boost ‘superfood Peru’

Ulises Quevedo
CEO of Grupo Rocío

R&D has undoubtedly been essential to Peru successfully developing its agro-industrial... Dec 02, 2016

‘Peru offers countless experiences, and we will be delighted to welcome visitors’

Eduardo Ferreyros Küppers
Minister of Foreign Trade & Tourism

Peru has led economic growth in the region for the past decade. Tourism, with average growth... Nov 29, 2016

Hospitality rises to Peru’s ambitious tourism challenge

Mario Mustafá
President of Costa del Sol Wyndham Hotels

More than just Mach Picchu, Peru has a great wealth of natural, cultural and adventurous... Nov 25, 2016

Enabling environment fuels gas expansion

Igor Salazar Zanelli
General Manager of Peru LNG

Peru LNG is a clear example of how large-scale investments can be carried out in the country,... Nov 25, 2016

Open trade regime and reforms target economic diversification

Alfredo Thorne
Minister of Economy and Finance

Peru’s Economy & Finance Minister Alfredo Thorne discusses the nation’s... Nov 24, 2016

Antel puts Uruguay ahead in ICT

Horacio Andrés Tolosa Barla
President of Antel

By investing heavily in boosting home connectivity, 4G mobile services and fiber-optic reach,... Nov 21, 2016

Premium meat exporter racks up another first

Gastón Scayola
Vice-President of Frigorífico San Jacinto–NIREA S.A.

Traceability and high quality assurance have helped Frigorífico San Jacinto–NIREA... Nov 17, 2016

Major brands prefer Uruguayan leather

Álvaro Silberstein
General Manager of Paycueros

What gives Uruguayan leather its high quality and competitive edge in international markets?... Nov 16, 2016

A game changer in Uruguayan agriculture

William Johnson
CEO of Cereoil

Cereoil’s new grain processing plant is set to have a major impact on adding value... Nov 14, 2016



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