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Pleasing the passenger

6 years ago

Menzies Macau
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Menzies Macau’s privilege of being the sole logistics provider at Macau’s airport is far from synonymous of being stagnant and uncreative. Instead, it has allowed the company to innovate and grow to constantly improve its services

Established in 1995, London-based Menzies Aviation is a leading global provider of passenger, ramp, cargo handling, and aircraft maintenance services around the world. In Macau, Menzies Macau Airport Services serves more than 19 airlines and is a joint venture between Air Macau, EVA Air, CNAC and various local business leaders.

Given that by 2025, it is estimated that nearly one-third of all world airline traffic will originate from Asia, Menzies is exceptionally placed to consolidate its stronghold in the region and especially in Macau, where it is the leading logistics company and provider of airport services.

Raymond Lo, Managing Director of Menzies Macau and Vice-President of Menzies China, says that although cargo tonnage has decreased since 2010, passenger traffic grows each year and is expected to continue rising in the future. He is optimistic that cargo will experience a turnaround once the bridge connecting China, Macau and Hong Kong is complete and freighters see the advantages of using Macau as a base for their regional operations.

Nevertheless, Macau’s airport must increase its capacity if it expects to increase traffic. “If we don’t have the capacity in Macau, then we cannot grow the market,” he claims.

Menzies Macau excels at customer satisfaction, thanks in large part to the strong emphasis it places on both training and technology. The company’s innovative program Check ’N Fly, for example, allows passengers on certain airlines to check-in and drop off their luggage directly at participating Sands and Galaxy hotels. The difference between Check ‘N Fly and other similar services, such as web check-in, is that passengers actually leave their check-in luggage at early check-in (24 hours before the flight) and they walk away carefree, already with a final boarding pass.

Another technological innovation Menzies Macau has introduced is an evaluation software program that keeps track of customer satisfaction, thus improving overall services. In the first few months of implementation, 96% of passengers expressed satisfaction. Soon, however, this number rose to 97%, proof that the company’s incentive program is working.

“Every month we give the best check-in agent a bonus and we give a present to the best check-in agents for the three largest airlines: Air Macau, EVA and TransAsia. We also share a pool each month for the agent with over 100 responses and a score of over 80%,” explains Mr. Lo. On the other end of the scale, Menzies Macau interviews the employees with the poorest reviews.




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