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Growing globally through staff localization

2 years ago

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“We hope to welcome more foreign employees from international countries”


If there is one industry where the Japanese monozukuri manufacturing philosophy really shines through, it is machinery. Closely adhering to the tenets of monozukuri and stringent quality standards to build the most reliable, durable and highperforming machinery for factories across the globe, Japanese machinery makers  like Newlong Industrial (NLI) are world leaders in their fi eld.

Established in 1941, NLI has grown to become a top-class machine manufacturer with worldrecognized technological capabilities, supplying packaging machinery widely used in the food, fertilizer, chemical and semiconductor industries, among others. NLI boasts a domestic market share of 98% for industrial sewing machines, 80% for automatic packaging machines and 90% for bag-making machines, while its international operations continue to grow.

“With experience in meeting all of the needs of the packaging industry, we have built up a track record worldwide in all fi elds,” says president, Yasuyuki Cho. “Today, 50% of our products are exported overseas. Moving forward, we will continue to challenge ourselves because we believe that our firm has the potential to continue its international development.”

Today, NLI has 20 overseas affiliates and as the company seeks to strengthen its international foothold, particularly in Southeast Asia, it has also prioritized hiring international recruits. As indicated by Mr. Cho, NLI aims to become a global company, “though small but with large ambition”, and already more than half of the staff in its International Sales Department are non-Japanese.

“Our strategy is to grow globally but act locally. Today, the ‘top leadership’ of our international offi ces is composed of people from each respective country,” he says. “For example, our Chinese and Taiwanese employees have taken full responsibility of our operations in those countries. Our aim is to continue taking this localized approach.”

As an ambitious company that never rests on its laurels and continues to invest in R&D, innovation and the development of its staff, NLI offers employees the ideal environment for personal and career growth, as well as the opportunity to experience the Japanese monozukuri philosophy of excellence fi rst-hand. “As we continue to advance globally,” adds Mr. Cho, “we hope to welcome more foreign employees from international countries.”





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