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Be safe, feel safe: safety is the key for a sustainable world

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Concept of Safety 2.0
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Throughout the 75 years of its history, IDEC has constantly strived to provide the optimum HMI (human machine interface) products, so that humans and machines can collaborate safely and efficiently.


Safety should never be traded off for higher productivity. A win-win approach is necessary. To achieve these apparently conflicting goals, we take a comprehensive, interactive approach that focuses on human, technology, management, and international standards.

First, an adequate level of safety knowledge is required for workers. IDEC is the market leader in Japan in terms of industrial risk assessment capabilities accounting for 40 percent of safety lead assessors and over 30 percent of robot safety assessors certified in Japan. To help the working community acquire safety knowledge, we offer seminars and consultations on safety in manufacturing and in explosion-proof work environments. In Japan alone, IDEC has held 1,600 seminars with 37,700 participants cumulatively.

Secondly, IDEC offers the leading safety technology in our products. Training people alone is not enough to ensure the safety and productivity of the workplace, and machines must remain safe even if they break down or if a worker makes a mistake. We have various safety devices such as emergency stop switches, door interlock devices, laser scanners and light curtains to build safe manufacturing environments.

Among IDEC’s broad lineup, the robot safety device installed on the industrial robot operation console stops the robot with the operator’s reflexive motion in the face of dangerous situations, and occupies 90 percent of the global market share. And as we enter an era where humans and machines/ robots work collaboratively, IDEC advocates the next-generation safety concept, Safety 2.0 (Collaborative Safety). The conventional way to ensure safety has been to implement protective measures on machines and to isolate machines from humans. In Safety 2.0, people, machines and the environment collaborate to maintain a high level of safety. Based on this concept, IDEC, also as a system integrator, provides services and solutions for the establishment of flexible and highly productive production systems and collaborative robot systems.

Thirdly, acknowledging the pivotal role that management plays in ensuring safety and productivity, IDEC became the first Japanese company to join the Vision Zero campaign. Led by the International Social Security Association (ISSA), Vision Zero is a global campaign calling for safety, health and well being in workplaces. The Vision Zero philosophy that requires top management to engage in sustainable workplaces matches with our corporate safety policy, and we strive to build a climate of trust and open communication in our workplace. The fourth element that completes IDEC’s safety approach is participation in the international standards  activities. As a manufacturer of devices that protect the lives of people at work,  IDEC has actively participated in various activities related to international standards, such as ISO and IEC standards, for the healthy and sustainable evolution of technologies.
Since its foundation in 1945, IDEC has created innovative products and features above and beyond regulation requirements to create peace of mind which has contributed in setting higher safety standards across industries. Moving forward, IDEC will continue developing technologies to create a safer and sustainable world.





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