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Transportation services with a technical edge

7 years ago

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Equidistant between Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua, El Salvador offers an ideal transportation point in Central America

Advanced Logistics Solutions, a young company with aspirations of revolutionizing transportation and logistics in the region, is known for being an “early adopter” when it comes to applying technology to its operations. For example, it was the first logistic company in the country to feature GPS across its entire truck and trailer fleet to add extra security to its clients’ deliveries across the region.

“GPS technology has been around in Central America for many years, but the companies that provided the service had local networks only,” says the company’s general manager Carlos Quezada. “Our clients operate across Central America, and we were having problems with Nicaragua and Costa Rica because of the loss of GPS signals in these countries. So in 2004 we started our own network of communication antennas, including 22 in the mountains. If an antenna needed a repair we had to literally run and fix it, otherwise we had signal loss affecting a wide area: that was the price to pay for having our own GPS system in Central America. Now it is very common, but we were the pioneers.”

Large multinational consumer companies in their portfolio, such as Unilever, Pepsi-Co, Coca-Cola and Ducal, rely on the tailor-made, quality-certified transportation services offered by the El Salvador-based outfit.

“Nobody does what we do,” says Mr. Quezada. “Our model is a fleet exclusively dedicated to the customer, where we meet all needs in detail: what the customer asks for, that is what he gets. Once we know what the requirements are, we can offer a customized logistics solution, which could be a high-capacity truck, a double deck or even a narrow van, depending on the specific features the load requires. That way we can always provide a tool that is effective and attractive.”




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