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My company is a manufacturer pursuing customer satisfaction and recognition by consistently developing new technology and products, based on the Mikasa House Rules:

  1. Take good care of yourself.
  2. Get on with each other
  3. Live with your conscience and fulfill your obligations.

Expanding our existing two pillars, the ball business and industrial products, we shall keep trying to strive for a third pillar.

Business Description

Operating our ball business and industrial product business as a manufacturer of rubber products in Hiroshima, Japan, for volleyball, we are the exclusive game ball supplier to FIVB, the International Volleyball Federation.  For industrial products, Mikasa manufactures rubber bearings for marine vessels and vertical pumps, especially friction-free bearings, which is a high value product.



Since its establishment, Mikasa has been seeking every possible way as a manufacturer of rubber products to develop our own identity in order to achieve successful results in our ball business.  In our business of industrial products, we have consistently pursued extensive studies and established credibility with our customers.

Our company’s history is as follows:

*Founded in 1917.

*Invented the seamless rubber ball, which has further been developed into the current ball construction with the inner bladder in 1932.

*Started to produce rubber-wound propeller shafts for marine vessels in 1950.

*Developed rubber bearings in 1975.

*Achieved widespread adoption of rubber bearings, especially adopted by the Japan  Coast Guard in 1981.

*Changed the corporate name to MIKASA CORPORATION from MYOJYO  RUBBER INDUSTRY CO., LTD. and established ball manufacturing plant in Thailand in 2001.

*Established ball manufacturing plant in Cambodia in 2013.

*Set up new Hiroshima factory and moved headquarters in 2014.



*Ball Business:  volleyball ball, beach volleyball ball, soccer ball, water polo ball, basketball, handball, dodgeball, other sporting goods

*Industrial Products:  rubber bearing, rubber wound propeller shaft, rubber covered roll



* Ball Business: 
Operating worldwide with Mikasa designated distributors.

*Industrial Products:
Operating mainly domestic in Japan and slowly and steadily expanding business internationally.



In the industry of rubber products, the tire manufacturers are in higher positions and small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) like Mikasa are exploring niche business sectors, where SMEs can maneuver more effectively.



Our headquarters are located in Hiroshima, Japan (Address: 1, Kuchi, Asa-cho, Asakita-ku, Hiroshima 731-3362, Japan), and our branch offices in Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, Hiroshima and Fukuoka, Japan.  Then, we have our own overseas factories in Thailand and Cambodia and also our subsidiary in the USA.


Competitive Advantages

Mikasa has been making continuous efforts to enhance technical capabilities to attain user confidence.  For its ball business, Mikasa provides the quality of athletic balls, especially volleyball ball for FIVB, and also the quality of products and service adopted by official organizations in industrial products.


Financial Projection

Anticipating that the ball business in Japan may shrink, we need to increase our business in other marketplaces.  At the same time, Mikasa has been working to cover not just athletic balls but other different goods related to healthy lifestyle and sports.

For the industrial products business, the trend of submerged bearings has been shifting to water-lubricated bearings from oil-lubricated due to environment concerns, and we are now going with this flow and aim to expand our niche business internationally as well as domestically in Japan.


Company Goals & Objectives

For our ball business, we will go worldwide, exploring business not just in sport balls but other sporting goods as part of a healthy lifestyle.  Furthermore we will strive for cost efficiency in our overseas manufacturing.

The industrial products business usually grows steadily rather than rapidly.  However, we must be consistent in seeking new technology and making continuous efforts to attain customer confidence.  At the same, we will speed up our overseas business expansion.



There are a few more stockholders, and currently the Saeki is the largest shareholder.



94 at Headquarters;  32 at five Branch Offices;  520 at Factory in Thailand; 

100 at Cambodia Factory;  nine at USA Subsidiary



*Invention of seamless rubber balls

*Longstanding relationship with FIVB, the International Volleyball Federation


Other Notes

In the USA, we currently exploring the business of water-lubricated bearings.  We welcome enquiries from potential partners.




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