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Digitally enable all floating enterprises with cutting edge technology (i.e. IoT, Machine Learning & Cloud based Big Data science) to drive remote operations, enhance operational efficiency & achieve highest levels of safety on board ships.



Transform ship and all related parts of the logistics value chain to operate as a DIGITAL enterprise.


Business Description

Alpha Ori Technologies (AOT) is a B2B Technology company headquartered in Singapore with overseas product development offices in USA (Silicon Valley) and India. With cutting edge technologies such as Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Industrial IOT and Big Data Sciences, Alpha Ori is developing SMARTShip solutions to serve the shipping industry. Our Center Of Innovation (COI) in Fusionopolis, Singapore operates a Network Operating Centre (NOC) to remotely monitor and control digitally enabled ships. 



AOT was built with the fundamental premise that the entire shipboard operations can be made more efficient and cost-effective by bringing in relevant and customized technology to cater to the specific needs of our industry. To achieve this, we believe we have four fundamentally different and unique value propositions, namely; knowledgeable & exceptional team, holistic approach to providing solutions, backed by industry experts who have reposed their faith in our products and an open mind for collaboration.

Our holistic approach is to solve the pain-points in the industry by looking at integrated solutions. This has resulted in us collecting >5K data points from all parts of the ship with the ability to refresh data every 1-3 seconds. It enables us to create a platform that provides for a plugged-in feel of the entire ship and lends itself to creating exciting solutions that will address all parts of the shipboard operations (Cargo, Engine, Navigation)

Our Philosophy and march towards digitalization has been vindicated both by the market and the leaders of our industry. Our goal to significantly change the industry landscape includes value creation as every stage and RoI for shipowners and customers. As a result, we have seen significant traction in the market which has resulted in rapid SMARTShip adoption. We have 20 ships in various stages of deployment and 30+ ships in pipeline for this year. In the intermediate term, our goal is to grow the adoption exponentially and reach 1000 ships over next 5 years.

Our team is supported and mentored by many leading experts of the industry and organizations who bring in a wealth of expertise and connections in the industry. We do not see ourselves as a stand-alone technology company trying to disrupt an industry outside in. We are very much part and parcel of the industry looking to use technology to effect significant change over time. We are open to working with many other industry competitors and collaborators to jointly offer solutions to our end customer. We believe the opportunity pie is significant and growing and has space for everyone who provides value to the end customer. Our approach is collaborative and a ready for business model with all our customers.



Our aim is to solve real world issues for every stakeholder in the logistics value chain - Shipowners, Ship Management Company, Ship Operators, Port Management, Surveyors, Register companies, Ship insurers, Shipbuilders and others.

Our product lines include:

  • Industrial Internet of Things Design and Deployment
  • Software Platform for IOT Solutions (SMARTShip)
    • Optimized Total Fuel Oil Consumption
    • Geofenced apps for compliance
    • Anomaly Detection and Predictive Maintenance applications
    • Auto Cargo Allocation for Chemical Tankers
  • Big Data Sciences and Analytics
  • Next-Gen Web based Ship ERP Solutions
  • Advanced Maritech Solutions
  • Cyber Secured Solutions

While our competitors continue to look at individual areas, we are marching towards holistic and versatile solutions for problems plaguing our industry.  Our products are being developed keeping in mind the necessities of the industry as well as with the vision to make things compliant for all our stakeholders. We are driven towards laying the foundation for autonomous shipping solutions for the industry. This will in turn help usher digitalization in its truest sense.



Our products are being developed to cater to the digitalization needs of the shipping industry. We have product lines that provide total solutions and are global in nature. We also have individual and custom-made solutions for different facets of shipping.  For E.g.: Our SMARTShip and Next-Gen ERP solutions can be adapted to all types of ocean going cargo vessels.

All our modules are available as a single product or as a stand-alone module. Our products are being designed by experts with extensive experience in the maritime industry. All our key personnel have a background in the maritime industry and bring different skill sets to the table. Our core team puts a lot of thought into product development to make sure that all possible scenarios are adequately covered. Our tech team them works alongside domain experts on the deliverables. We are an example of a perfect blend of cutting edge technologists working together with marine domain experts.

We have global talent pool of both marine and technology experts working in our offices in strategic locations to cater to each market. Also, our partnership with other corporate giants provides us an edge while developing products. We have collaboration with leaders in tech like STEE, Class Survey - LR, Communications-SingTel and Government agencies like MPA.



Alpha Ori is a niche technology company working in the maritime industry to develop new-age digital products. In the short time, that we have been operational, we are being touted as forward looking and trend setters. Our SMARTShip technology has received AL-SAFE notation from Lloyd's Register. This first of its kind certificate of class was awarded to a Singapore-flagged LPG carrier newbuilding, the Trammo Dietlin.

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Our goal is to diligently build technology solutions to equip and ease shipping industry into the digital era. We are being recognised as industry pioneers and ready to upend the status quo.

We have augmented a solution to collect large amounts of data points from the Ship and to transfer it to the shore-end. By using the BigDATA platform and analytics, we are working towards solutions to address the various pain-points of the industry.

In a way, we are in a unique position in the industry in relation to our competition. Although, we are a start-up we have the distinct advantage of industry leaders backing our efforts.



AOT is headquartered in the Singapore with R&D and software development offices in both Singapore and Silicon Valley, U.S.  Most of our executive team and software architects work out of the Singapore and Valley office. Singapore being an innovation and maritime time hub gives us access to the best talent and technologies in the market. It is also a great market to showcase our products. The R&D team at Singapore works with the best minds in the maritime industry to help design innovative products and solutions in our Centre of Innovation. The Valley office attracts the right technology talent for our firm. Our software development and operations team is primarily based in India for cost reasons.


Competitive Advantages

Some of the areas that we are excel in include;

  • Developing customized SMARTShip solutions to solve various pain points
  • Creating value addition through analytical insights from the data collected both from Ship & associated environment
  • Providing holistic products & services to ensure our clients benefit from these solutions
  • Cost-effective pricing of our products
  • Retaining our key personnel, especially in data science. This will be one of our challenges as well as a key differentiator in future


Financial Projection

Stakeholders of Alpha Ori together have potential access to around 600+ ships. Having access to internal clients to serve is invaluable for us in our expansion plans. In the near -future, ROI for customers/ ship owners will be 200 - 300%. This will happen in a phased manner once complete development & deployment is done. Our targeted growth rate is in triple digit and expected to grow exponentially every year.


Company Goals & Objectives

Our immediate goal is to digitally enable around 200 ships by the end of 2020. Then, over a period of five years we have set an achievable target of digitally enabling 1000 ships.

Our long-term goal is to effect a change in the maritime industry by providing value-added products.



As mentioned earlier, all our key personnel have a background in sailing and ship operations. In addition, they bring specific skill sets to the company having worked in core departments of various sectors.

Capt.Unni, our CEO is a Class 1 Master Mariner from the LBS College of Advanced Maritime Studies & Research, Mumbai. Recently, he completed the Advanced Management Program (AMP) of Harvard Business School, Executive Education. In a career spanning 25+ years in the shipping industry, he has served in various capacities across countries. He is driven by a vision to transform the maritime industry through technology and innovation. As an influential thought leader, he serves on the board of North of England P&I Association, Asia-Pacific Advisory Committee of major classification societies, and Indian National Shipowners’ Association (INSA).

Bala, our Co-CEO is a business strategy, operations, and technology executive with expertise in the digital media industry specializing in go-to market sales & business development functions. Previously, he was Vice President- Global Sales, Marketing Operations & Learning at Twitter. Prior to Twitter, Bala spent 6 years doing various management roles in sales, sales operations & ad agency business development functions at Google in NYC. Bala honed his operations & strategy expertise working as a management consultant with McKinsey & Company. Bala has also spent 10 years working on-board chemical, crude & product tankers, the last 4 years of it as a Chief Engineer. Bala holds a Marine Engineering degree from MERI, Calcutta and a Master of Business Administration from Wharton School.

Sam, who is our Chief Product Officer is a business and technology executive in mobile software industry specializing in devices, platform, applications and services. He has managed P&L of various cutting edge technology businesses including AGPS, IoT, OS platform, Computational camera, Computer Vision and Machine Learning. Recently, Sam led Qualcomm’s business unit for Advanced Software Technologies on Snapdragon chipsets. Prior to his role at Qualcomm, he held various product management and business development roles at Sprint Inc. and Nextel Communications Inc. in mobile handset and machine to machine (M2M) divisions. Sam started his career as an engineer in mercantile marine and served to become Assistant Chief Engineer on oil tankers. Sam has completed the executive business administration program (PLD) from Harvard Business School. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in engineering from DMET in India and, an MBA from The College of William and Mary (Raymond A Mason School of Business) in the USA.

Biju our Chief Technology Officer has been spearheading advanced product engineering development for ThinkPalm Technologies. His interests span across development, quality assurance and engineering operation functions. His extensive international experience has enabled him to manage globally distributed organizations as part of the senior management teams at Fortune companies, including major telecom product companies like Cisco & Brocade. He has also led business units as VP/General Manager of businesses at Ruckus Wireless taking new products to market with P&L ownership. He is based out of California and spearheading the Alpha Ori Group activities across the technology and products spectrum.

Sanjeev is our Chief Business officer. He is a Business and Marine Technical executive with 28+ years in maritime ranging from serving as Chief Engineer on Merchant Marine fleet to heading the New Projects and R&D team for a leading Ship management company. Sanjeev has undergone Postgraduate program from IIT Kharagpur in Marine Operations & Management and comes with vast experience in Classification Society and in innovative projects such as construction of membrane LNG Carriers, Performance Analysis of vessels, studies on improving operational efficiency of vessels. In the recent past, he was involved in design & construction of 3 gas carriers in Korean yards which were equipped with cutting edge technology in energy efficiency and were the test beds for SMARTShip systems developed & installed by Alpha Ori.

Majority of our C-level executives work out of Singapore & Silicon Valley Development Center.



Singapore - 10

Silicon -20

India- 70

Our Singapore employees are engaged in R&D and innovation. Valley staff are software architects and design the product along with R&D, while our India staff work on coding and software development.



  • Alpha Ori Technologies (AOT) Incorporated - March 2017
  • AOT partners with MPA, TCOMS & LR to set up a Centre of Innovation in Singapore - April 2017
  • AOT’s SMARTShip Technology installed on an LPG carrier receives world’s first certification by Lloyd's Register - May 2017
  • Alpha Ori announces R&D Center in Silicon Valley, California - July 2017
  • MOU for Co-development of STARRI, a data platform with Cloud-based architecture to power Smart Data Analytics capabilities with ST Electronics signed -August 2017
  • SMARTShip Version1.1 release - Nov 2017
  • AOT ties up with SingTel to provide broadband satellite, cybersecurity to shipping companies- Nov 2017
  • Centre of Innovation launched (COI) - November 2017
  • SMARTShip Version1.1.1 released - March 2018
  • Trademarks Secured - April 2018
  • AOT mentioned as Valuable player by Singapore Govt. - April 2018
  • Voted Hottest Company in Silicon Valley - June 2018


Other Notes

Alpha Ori believes that for a successful foray into maritime technology collaboration within the ecosystem is the key. Towards this AO has brought together the flag administrators (like MPA), Classification Societies (LR), Engineering & Cyber Security power houses (like ST Electronics, Singtel), Communication expertise (like SingTel). Alpha Ori have successfully entered MOU’s in joint development in key areas.






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