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Worldfolio published last year a special country report on Thailand. The supplement was distributed within The Sunday Telegraph on Sunday, July 28, 2012.

Before that, a team from the agency dived on the country’s economics, business and society, analyzing the main figures and interviewing the most important and relevant personalities on Thailand. The report can be read on-line at Worldfolio.

Often seen only as a tourism destination, Thailand industrial companies are taking positions in the international market. As a matter of fact, Energy company PTT’s turnover was equivalent to its national budget, thanks to itsoperations in 14 different countries. Never forgetting its core business is to guarantee the necessary energy supply for the growing Thailand, PPT goes to the international market in order to acquire new resources and continue with its outstanding growing.


Thailand and the relationships with its neighbours

On the same hand, the country has a positive exportation balance. Data researched by AFA Press partners reflect a total exports sum of almost 250 billion dollars, facing the 214.6 billion dollars on importations. Total importations from the UK raised 28 percent during 2011, and total amount of near one and a half billion pounds. In fact, the British Commerce Chamber in Thailand is the largest non-Asian one in the country.

Briton companies have specific presence in Pharmaceuticals, Banking, Energy, Consumer Goods, Aerospace, Automotive and Engineering Sector. Between the most representative British companies in Thailand we can find Tesco, Standard Chartered, HSBC, BG Group, GlaxoSmithKline, Reckitt Benkiser, Rolls-Royce or Triumph.


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