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Worldfolio in El País introducing Dominican Republic

January 31, 2013, the Spanish newspaper El País (sales-leader Spanish daily) published two special country reports on Dominican Republic elaborated by Business&Investment, one of AFA Press partner agencies.

The agency researched on the field in order to reflect the business reality of the country in its reports, one of them focusing on the main tourism sector, while the other enhances more cultural-related and industrial issues. The pieces of news and interviews can be read on-line at Worldfolio.

Being the leader in the tourism sector in the Caribbean, Dominican Republic is expecting to double its tourists’ numbers. That means reaching 10 million visitors a year, by the next decade, according to Danilo Medina’s government plan. For that purpose, they count on a varied offer, beginning on their beaches (as Punta Cana) and waters, coming through all-inclusive resorts, but not leaving aside neither its naturals parks nor its historical and cultural destinations, such as the first church in all America.


Exclusive golf resorts in Dominican Republic

AFA press partners had the opportunity to make a reliable portrait of what the tourist will find in the country, as well as the current situation and future plans that will help potential investors to take into account the Dominican option as a growing destination despite of its already dominant position in such and established tourism market as the Caribbean.

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