What is the economic impact of Rio 2016?

The economic impact of the Olympic Games on the host city is not always the same: just take a look at Barcelona '92 and Athens 2004.

The celebration of the Olympic Games in Brazil is turning out to be a real international showcase for Rio de Janeiro.

RIO Olympics

Since it was announced that Brazil would host this edition of the Games, Brazil has made a total investment of $7.1 billion in infrastructure, comparable to the total figure spent on the 2014 FIFA World Cup.


However Moody’s expects Olympics 2016 will provide the host country with “limited” improvements in its economy. The reason being that its benefits will be long lasting in time in terms of infrastructure, but temporary with regard to tax revenues. In fact, once the games end, the country will return to its economic recession.



What do Brazilians think?

More than half of Brazil’s citizens, namely 63% of the population, believe that the Olympics will bring more harm than good, according to a Datafolha survey, which also adds that 53% claim not to have any interest in the Olympics.


Will Rio de Janeiro win the gold economic medal?


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