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Worldfolio released on Monday, January 23, 2012 a special report on Ukraine, published in The Time. The agency had a team working on site in order to collect the main features and voices related with business in Ukraine.

They had the opportunity to interview some of the most relevant characters in the country, among whom we can find President of the Ukraine Economic Reform Fund Lyubov Rudyuk. Economic reforms, improvement of Ukraine’s image abroad and stabilization of the country’s economy are the main objectives of the Ukraine Economic Reform, whose official presentation was on January 2011, although being founded the previous year.

Report on Ukraine - AFA Press

President of the Ukraine Economic Reform Fund Lyubov Rudyuk

Lyubov Rudyuk had a defined model for the fund: “The idea of how international companies expanded their activities and built their networks has always interested me. I wanted to create an institution in Ukraine which would incorporate the best international practices while reaching out to the national and international organizations”. One of the points she enhances is the human group. Furthermore, she remarks “Harvard’s management (the fund develops a Harvard program) was surprised by how young the group was. What they saw was a group of vibrant, English-speaking young professionals who were keen to learn”.

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