The remotest place on the planet

It takes six days of boat trip from South Africa or Namibia to reach the island, and you have to book that trip in advance because there’re only about ten ships per year.

Tristan da Cunha,which is also the name of the archipelago, is formed by other two islands. One of the is called Inaccessible Island, due to its remoteness. Originally its discoverers were aware of this planetary secluded enclave where decades pass outside malls and skycrapers.


Imagine an island of 200 km2 in the middle of nowhere, lost in some place on the journey between the coasts of South Africa and Uruguay. A space with such wild nature flanked by cliffs 600 meters high and home to people since the early nineteenth century.

Of course, there’re no  tour packages for travelers, no hotels, no airport , no tour operators, no nightclubs , no restaurants ….

The residents of this island are still living from agriculture and fishing. Moreover, their cattle are strictly controlled so that there are no social statements or difference.

The sense of community has been essential characteristic for the survival of this town , mantaining a constant level of population for decades and not without vicissitudes.


In 1961 its inhabitants  had to be evacuated due to the eruption of the volcano which formed the island. They ended up in the UK, where they had to fight with unknown diseases and one of the worst winters of the country. The survivors did not have it easy on their return; they had to face its home full of pirates and where domestic dogs had eaten their cheeps to sourvive…
An extratropical cyclone came in 200, eight years later a fire in a fish factory that caused a  great economic impact . Any disfortune has, of course, dramatic effects in this isolated place on the planet, where the the battle to survive is daily aginst the elements and forces of nature.

The closest  territory to Tristan da Cunha is the inhabited island which it depends of, St. Helena.


St. Helena is about 4,000 inhabitants and 2,173 km away from the place . A few hundred kilometers over are both continental coasts , nearby to Africa than to America.
To travel to Tristan da Cunha it is necessary to warn the island’s government, in addition to obtaining an official certificate issued after fourty days of waiting, As sail, about ten boats a year leave from Cape Town and Namibia , each of those take between five and six days to arrive to the island. Trips are about 800 and 1,500 US dollars, and the boat trips register with seats can be checked out on the island’s official website.

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