Our Youth: The Leaders of the Future, the Voices of Today

While growing up, we get used to an environment that teaches us to follow orders and rules. This is perpetuated mainly by the “authorities” in our lives: parents, teachers, political leaders or any other form of role model given to us in the ever influential society we live in. We are systematically lectured and continuously programmed to obey and be good, but not to succeed through our own means or even question our reality. We are told that we aren’t old enough to know what’s best or that we don’t have enough knowledge or experience to make our own decisions.

In an era shaped by the young market, the mind of the youth should stop being considered only as a sales target and start being looked upon as an example. A new hope for change and a new horizon in foreign and domestic affairs. It’s about time that we start proving that we’re more capable than we’re given credit for.


The Youth in Spain is crawling with very opinionated, educated, capable and proactive people. What we need is to show that we understand that the decisions being made affect primarily our futures. Only then can we reclaim the right to be the ones piloting this decision making process.

Although our societal leaders, politicians, community leaders and professors, mostly have in mind the best interest for our generation, their experience and “closeness” to our youth’s mindset still strives from miles away because of the obvious generational gap. That is why it is our responsibility to raise our voices and address the problems that interest, not only the young people, but our entire country as well. We should take action, not only to advise decision makers, but to become them as well.


It’s well understood that speaking up in a world of “adults” is a task that is much easier said than done -if it can be done at all-, and it’s true that not everyone is a born leader or has the greatest public-speaking abilities, but we also know that all of our opinions matter, and thus they must be heard. Your input matters and it COULD be a game-changer if it would manage to come forth and make a stand.

The only way to achieve our success and to be heard is our boldness and perseverance. We must have the determination to be heard, and the power to sustain our ideals in a world of old structures and stale intellectual fields. When asking for a change, the only thing worse than ignorance is letting ourselves be convinced that our voices have any less value because of our age, gender or beliefs.


When asking people why they felt that being involved in society’s decision making was important, two main answers were given to us: “We don’t feel included in the decision-making processes” and the even more important “Youth inclusion creates a feeling of activism among young people and this is a mentality that must be practiced both nationally and internationally.

Having a youth representative that aids in decision-making gives the youth real presence. This creates a sense of belonging and participation that can only do good to our society. This movement will eventually become a firm statement and an example to fellow countries and regions. The Spanish youth demands a voice.  The Spanish youth wants to no longer be just a spectator… It wants to be the author.

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