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Mozambique has an immense amount of natural beauty, wildlife, heritage and beaches that can provide a boost to the tourism sector. However it has the lowest tourist numbers of all its neighbors because of high prices and because of lack of infrastructure: both to get around and accommodation. But if you have decided to go for Mozambique, you won’t be disappointed.

Gorongosa Park, halfway between Zimbabwe and Beira is recovering from almost total destruction and it is aiming to become a large tourist attraction. Niassa reserve and Niassa lake in the north are absolutely beautiful. Ilha de Moçambique is absolutely charming and the different archipelagos, from Bazaruto to Quirimbas, are among the most exclusive destinations in Africa.

gongorosa park tent

Tent in Gongorosa Park

The contribution of tourism to GDP is about 7% and the ministry of tourism plans to implement a 2025 strategy for job creation in areas related to tourism that could reach up to 800,000 jobs. European tourists, led by visitors from Portugal and the UK, visit Mozambique mainly for business purposes and contribute significantly in terms of revenue. It is fast becoming one of the most important destinations in Sub-Saharan Africa.


 This is a difficult issue in Maputo, the capital. Accomodation is quite expensive in Mozambique and it’s getting worst. You can find really luxurious hotels like Polana, Southern Sun, Indy and Radisson but if your budget is limited, Pestana Rovuma is a good option. It’s about 130 USD a night but it’s the cheapest medium quality hotel you will find in Maputo. Another option is to stay in a guest house; Villa Moura  in Sommerchield is a nice quiet place in a good area.

maputo night skyline

Maputo skyline


–          In Mozambique: A lot to see in the provinces!

o   Tete: Cahora Bassa. You will find a very nice dam here. The rest of the province is still undeveloped.

o   Sofala: The main city of the province, Beira, is not very attractive but Gorongosa park is very very much worth it. Wild and still quite virgin.

o   Nampula: Ilha de Moçambique is the best spot in the whole country. No words to describe it, you just have to go and see. Full of history and amazing sea.

village in nampula mozambique

Village in Nampula, Ilha de Moçambique

o   Xai-xai & Bilene: If you want to relax during the weekend that is your spot. They are about 3 hours away from Maputo. There is absolutely nothing to do there, but relax.

o   Macaneta: Same as Xai-xai & Bilene but closer.

o   Ponta d’Ouro: You need a 4×4 car to get there. It is a 4-5 hours drive. Very close to South Africa and full of South Africans. Cool place to spend a weekend too.

–          Out of Mozambique: Traveling is expensive in Mozambique but it’s worth it. Swaziland is very close and good if you want to feel a bit back at home. South Africa is the obvious one: visit Kruger park. Is very close too. Very touristic but as a safari experience, it is good. Zambia is a “must”, to see Victoria Falls. This is a one trip that you should definitely do if you have the chance.

Mozambique frontiers

Mozambique’s frontiers with Zimbabwe, South Africa, Swaziland, Malawi, Zambia and Tanzania


There are lots of them in Maputo. These are our favourite ones;

–          Mundos – Nice atmosphere. The place to eat pizza and drink beer. Full of expats. Great to see futbol.

–          Sagres – Nice seafood next to the sea. Try the camaros there and the pudding.

–          Inter Thai – We are lovers of Asian food and this is the best place to have it. Fully decorated garden. You feel in Krabi, Bali or any other exotic southeast asian nice corner.

–          Manjar dos deuses – The best to celebrate every special occasion. Quite expensive but amazing food.


Mozambicans love seafood

–          Piri Piri – The typical one. Best to eat almeijoas and frango.

–          Wine Lovers – Very new place. They have good wine and cheese.


Not very diverse; Dolce Vita can do for the first drink, but it’s a bit tacky. 1908, instead, is worth it, you will see many of the important personalities of the country there.

Nucleo de arte is perfect for a beer on Sundays. They play live music.

maputo nightlife

Nightlife in Maputo is not very diverse, but for sure it is intense.

Chinese massage is very popular in Maputo, you can find really good and professional massages in Av. Mao Tse-Tung. Everybody knows them and even politicians visit them.

Buy your handicrafts in the Mercado de Artesanias. You can negotiate good prices and you will have fun with them. You can get really nice things. The last Sunday of every month they prepare a fair and people go there to sell their foods and drinks. They have live music and everyone is there.

To do your everyday shopping we recommend the SuperSpar next to the airport (has biggest variety of things). If you want imported goods, such as good wine or chocolates go to Polana Shopping.

Speaking of which, go to Polana Hotel. It is the place to be to meet people and is great for lazy weekend afternoons. Go for breakfast, for lunch, to the pool… whatever, but go! Everyone is there, from ministers to businessman.

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