Kyoto’s treasures hide in the Ritz Carlton

The Ritz Carlton opened its doors in 2014, becoming the first Luxury Hotel in Kyoto after many years of desperate need of some new luxury hotel beds.

If you have been in Japan and haven´t travelled to Kyoto you can´t really say you´ve been in Japan. How to get there? Easy. Take the Japanese super high speed bullet train “Shinkansen”(the fastest one in the World) and three hours of colorful and bucolic landscapes later there you are, in Japan’s ancient imperial city.

Kyoto Station is a measured mess, a massive central building with an avenue that before and during World War II, used to be used by the imperial processions when Emperor Hirohito was traveling between Tokyo and Kyoto. You will have to find the bus stations, which is at the main entrance of the station and it will take approximately 30 minutes to be at the entrance of one of the Best Hotels in the world, the Ritz Carlton Kyoto. Oh, by the way, don´t expect a big, pretentiously luxurious building breaking the peace and uniformity of the city, don´t seek for 3 meter high gold sculptures and don´t expect 4 bellboys waiting for you at the entrance, because the building, as well as the inside of it, still preserves and defends the elegance, modesty, serenity and beauty of the cityscape that hosts it.


The Ritz-Carlton Kyoto takes the place of the drab and dated Hotel Fujita, which occupied this prime piece of real estate for years and that after its remodeling, has turned a true masterpiece of Kyoto´s architecture complementing rather than detracting from the surrounding environment and overlooking the astonishing Kamowava river and the Higashiyama Mountain Range. But don´t worry, it get´s better inside. The responsible of this magical structure is Sekisui House, Osaka-based leading construction firm in Japan. It´s President, Isami Wada, pointed in an interview with us that they always try to bring their overseas partners to enjoy the Ritz Carlton in Kyoto in order to “strength the cultural ties and the mutual understanding”.


The lobby, as the rest of the hotel, follows the concept of Miyabi´s architecture, or simple elegance. The immediate sensation after getting into the hotel is peace and calm, almost like a spa effect with reminiscences of the traditional Japanese Ryokan Hotels.


The Ritz Carlton opened its doors in 2014, becoming the first Luxury Hotel in Kyoto after many years of desperate need of some new luxury hotel beds.

“We wanted to offer more options it the travellers, they deserved it”, says Anri, Hotel´s PR Manager.

“We have 134 rooms, including 17 lavish suites and 2 tatami rooms, which is a traditional Japanese bedroom, which are mainly used in Ryokans”.



International luxury travel network Virtuoso® recently announced the winners of its prestigious 2015 Best of the Best hotel awards at its 27th annual Virtuoso Travel Week conference, where The Ritz-Carlton, Kyoto was recognized for the Best Achievement in Design.


I strongly recommend any guest of the Ritz Carlton to take some time to go for a small tour around the hotel and observe the details, the more than 400 art works and of course the different amenities and activities for guests that they offer such as the Ikebana (floral design), the Sushi master class with Mizuki´s (one of its two restaurants)  Sushi chef, the cycling tour around the city or practicing the art of origami.


But further than the exquisite of its architecture or the deeply rooted Japanese design, Ritz Carlton Kyoto emanates the truly Omotenashi present in the Japanese culture. You will fall in love not just with the building, but also with the city and not just with Japan, but also with its culture. More than just a hotel, Ritz Carlton Kyoto is an experience, a must-have experience.


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