Deserts, Wines and Glaciers

Chile, a paradise for travelling, an ecstasy for wine-tasting and a heaven for mountain trekking and skiing. For such a small country – remarkably and uniqely thin from top to bottom – Chile has a suprisingly large array of differing landscapes, climates and traditions cramped into its borders. If you pick, say, a small town in Northern Chile, or visit the trendy summer-lake resort, Pucon, you will find not only vastly varied architecture, for example, but distinctly different people and cultures.


Chile, a country of contrasts

Fortunately, I was lucky enough to be charmed by all of this when I visited, tasting its famous seafood, sitting at its best restaurants, and being thrilled by some of the most incredible adventure experiences you can ever imagine. These are my absolute favourites:

Sea, air and land on the Patagonian Fjords  “Nomads of the Seas

A luxury cruise navigating through untouched fjords, with two helicopters on board, where you experience three exciting activities per day: one by sea, one by air and one by land. Get to see the immensity of Patagonia from the sky, get to feel the heartbeat of Patagonia on its water. Have an amazing lunch on the summit of a mountain, toasted with glacier ice-cubes in your drink, sip champagne in thermal springs only-accessible-by-air, kayak through amazing rivers, and then arrive back to your cruise to find a Swiss fondue waiting for you. This trip is a luxury for the few, but one that every single person on earth would wish to experience…


Patagonian Fjords

Easter Island, only for the adventureous ¨Explora Rapa Nu

Only extremely-well-travelled people dare to adventure to Easter Island. Being the most isolated island in the world, its quite hard to access and pretty far to reach. But the reward is worth it: mysterious Moais and archaeological sites, ancient volcanic formations covered by green carpet, and, oh, the beautiful secluded beaches.

Explora is an amazing place to stay, especially in its fantastic ecological-building facing the sea.  Many local guides are ready to show you the essence of their homeland, and with the sumptuous food and wine – characteristic to the whole of Chile – Explora allowed me to forget everything away from this magical island.


Beautiful lodge in “Easter Island”

In the desert, you will remember its name: Atacama

Atacama is a land of volcanoes, some still active, some now laying dorment. Carrying the myths that have been giving meaning to locals throughout the ages, these volcanoes are endlessly facinating formations. Meanwhile, there are plenty of activities to enjoy in this stunning part of Chile. You can visit geysers amd deserts, or even observe the stars from where the biggest astronomical observatory in the world resides: the ALMA Project.

Alto Atacama is an incredible lodging. Isolated and surrounded only by red mountains and desert, it is only a few kilometers away from San Pedro town. The staff in the hotel and local guides were as friendly as it can get, and took me to secret spots away from the tourist crowds.


Atacama desert

Heliski in The Andes, where else? ¨Puma Lodge¨

By far one of the biggest ski domains in the world, thanks to the sheer immensity of the Andes Mountain Range, here you will have thousands of mountains to choose from, millions of lines to draw for the first time, and you will probably be the first one to ski in some of its blue glaciers. Puma Lodge is a luxury resort deep in The Andes, where I was able to connect to nature, seeing 10 eagles a day from my room’s window, yet only being a few hours away Santiago.


Skiing in The Andes

Vineyards: A nice glass of wine ¨Viña Casa Silva¨

Around Santiago you can find a great diversity of modern, trendy, and traditional vineyards. Having visited around 10, the one that I liked the most was Viña Casa Silva, since it combines a great history of winemaking with delicious wine to have at their gourmet restaurant. This amazing property has a chic hotel with friendly staff ready to make you feel at home.


Vineyard Casa Silva

For more information please check their websites! Great information can be find within them.

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