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Do you want to share your knowledge about doing business in new, strong or developing economies?

Do you have a passion for travel writing and want to share your experiences of the interesting places that you have lived in or visited?

Do you know any social project that needs broadcasting and want to share it on our blog?

We have three different sections in our blog, Business (Which differences did you find doing business in foreign countries? What are the tricks to finding investors? How do you find new business relationships?), Social Projects (How did you come into contact with these organizations and what they do to help the communities that they work in?), and Trips (Where to go, what to do and what food to eat?). We are looking for stringers to collaborate with us, if you want to share your knowledge and experience on the blog of the consulting investment sector leader, send us an e-mail to

If none of these categories suit you, don’t worry, you can contact us and we can arrange other kinds of collaboration.



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