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Bitesize guide to Pakistan eateries

Pakistani food, such a diverse range of tastes, it can be a paradise for the adventurous eater or a big tummy ache for those who don’t appreciate a bit of spice on their plate. Although it is the lesser known of the South Asian cuisines it comes from a rich blend of influences coming from India, Middle East and the Far East.

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Here are some of our favorite restaurants in Islamabad – Pakistani & continental:

  •  Khiva, the best dum pukht (lamb stew with potatoes that melt in your mouth) in town, outside seating and good service, you can bring your own wine or beer. House # 64, Main Margalla Road, Sector: F-6/3, Islamabad


  •  La Maison, full bar, set 3 course menu (French servings) that changes every other day, the owner Phillipe loves the feedback on his ‘new creations’. House 16, Street 47-F7/1, Islamabad
  • Wild Rice at Serena, sushi & Asian food, much better than the PC sushi restaurant


  • Moroccan at Serena, very good hummus & tagines, worth the hefty price tag.
  • Manhattan Steak House, decent steaks and continental options, you can bring your own wine.


  • Saidpur Village, cute little village with about 4-5 restaurants, most are pretty good we usually went on weekends and ate in these two,
  1. or Andaaz, modern Pakistani food
  2. or Polo Lounge, continental food
  •  Monale Restuarants, beautiful views but didn’t go back much for the food.

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