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Worldfolio published in El País, on January, 30 2013, a special report on Guayaquil, the economical capital of Ecuador.

El País is one of the most reputable newspapers in Spain and the one with the largest audience. Before the publication, a team from Business & Investment had the chance to investigate on-site the city’s economy and to interview the most relevant personalities in the area.


Guayaquil Geographical situation

As we were saying, Guayaquil is the economic capital of its country. As an example, the region the city leads, Guayas, produces the 25% of the total Ecuador’s GDP. And as the lung of the country, they continue breathing: they continue growing. As defended by Mayor Jaime Nebot Saadi, Guayaquil is improving and growing in tourism, construction, social housing, hospitality, and in shopping centers. But it’s not only what they improve directly, but what the city generates indirectly for other areas in the region and country. Back into numbers, Guayaquil host 35% of the 1000 biggest companies in Ecuador, and its local companies represent 35% assets. Furthermore, the city’s representatives among these 1000 companies represent 38% of the sales of the group. As president of Ecuador’s Social Christian Party Pascual di Cioppo highlighted, “Efficiency is what has made Guayaquil today a city that is admired not only in Ecuador but across the region.”

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