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This is a blog written by travelers, fuelled and motivated by the wonderer soul. The traveler does not only travel but the more journeys he/she does the further away she wants to go. It is mostly about discovering. Most of the people writing here have chosen the nomad life, and each one of us is looking to discover different things, from oneself, to food, to different cultures… but it is a drive to unveiling the unknown that has driven most of us.

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For me it has always been about going to where most people hadn’t. Enjoying the immensity that surrounds us, almost as a secret, seeing and enjoying the places that have not been as affected, where you cannot find the traces. Like the ocean, where every wave is different, and it keeps changing, or the deserts, that become a different place with the blow of the wind. Neither of them stays the same and they just eat these the footprints or any trace the one before us has left.

A thing for deserts

Yes, I have a thing for deserts (will have an exclusive post about them) This post is about my favorite desert: Namibe.

Angola is an experience in itself, all of it, starting with Luanda. Soon enough one develops a love/hate relationship with the city but that is a whole different story.  Angola is so diverse, there is a bit of everything, and not many go to the desert there, but it is a place to discover.


Where the desert and the sea collide

There are different ways to get there: car, bus and/or plane. I´m not too sure about how the roads are, and I have a few friends that have driven there and discovered fantastic waves on their way down from Luanda, but I recommend flying. TAAG has daily flights, one can either go to Namibe or Lubango. We decided to do the latter and enjoy the view of the beautiful scenery of Serra de Leba, which is really worth it.

A lodge away from civilization

In Namibe we were staying at Flamingo Lodge, it is really the only place worth staying at down there (+244 912 825 045). They arranged the pick-up for us. It is 3 hours by car approximately, in asphalt. After passing the city of Namibe, the lodge´s manager picked us up in 4×4 and it is 45 minutes in the desert till you get to the beautiful lodge.


Exclusive but informal

The lodge is beautiful, composed of very simple wooden huts by the sea. You are so far away from civilization that obviously it is an “all inclusive” but not a plastic bracelet kind, but the cool, make your life easy kind.

You will almost always find cool groups of people around, including kite/wind-surfers, surfers and people who are driving around Africa. The atmosphere is very relaxed, the owners encourage that a lot, you will see each other at the dinning-room, which has the most stunning views, so most likely you will find yourself a bit tipsy just chatting or playing cards, or drinking games, with the rest of the guests.

Canyons, food and quads

Flamingo Lodge is surrounded by canyons. It is not a “sandy dunes” desert, but it is by the beach and surrounded by these amazing formations. The lodge lent us a 4×4 to drive around and discover them. They are really good fun to climb as well.


A different kind of dessert

One thing to highlight at Flamingo is the food! Food is simply amazing, informal, but very fresh home cooked, excellent quality. The fish is so so fresh that you can even catch it yourself if you please!!


Fresh fish, the local food

We slept for a couple of nights in the cabins, but for the last night they arranged for us to do a “quad safari” in the dunes, and we later slept there. There was not a single sound and the sky filled with stars.


Sleeping in the dunes

It is an unforgettable experience.

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